We are expecting puppies in March! Check back for pics and info.

We strive to produce gentle, colorful, and correct Chihuahuas. Our puppies are raised in the house underfoot. They are a part of the family and we spoil them like the rest of the dogs here. They get one on one time, lots of play time, and constant handling and socialization. All puppies here are raised in a family environment, we bring them for car rides, to elderly homes, and have neighbors and friends bring their children over, so they are exposed to people of all ages. We have several other critters to keep the puppies tolerant and accepting of new things. We have a Rottweiler, Destiny, and a Boxer, Rayne, that the puppies just adore. They climb all over them, chew on their faces, give them kisses, wrestle on their backs. And when they are all done doing that, they cuddle up with the big dogs and nap. During the night and in unsupervised day light hours, puppies are kept in a "puppy pen" with a cozy bed and newspaper for relieving themselves.

Located 100 miles north of Green Bay in Fence...a small town in Northeast Wisconsin
just 20 miles West of Iron Mountain, MI.


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